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The following are quotes from the report

"Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics - 2005 Update" by The American Heart Association.

  • Page 5: "In 2005 the estimated direct and indirect cost of CVD (Cardiovascular Diseases) is $393.5 billion".
  • Page 2: CVD "It causes about a death a minute among females - nearly half a million female lives every year".
  • Page 5: "63.7 percent of men and 61.4 percent of women have one or more CVD risk factors", so if you do not think that you are at risk, think again.
  • Page 11: "About 335,000 people a year die of CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) in an emergency department or before reaching a hospital", so in case of a heart attack, hopefully the information below would improve your chances of survival until you get to a hospital or until you are seen by a doctor.

If you still do not feel that you are at risk, we assure you 100% that someone you know or care about is at risk. (father, mother, brother, sister, friend, colleague, and many others)

SO PLEASE READ ON and share the information with them.




The following is not an endorsement of the Bayer company or Bayer aspirin, but it is a quote from their website: "The FDA approved aspirin for a wide variety of uses including:

Heart attack
Aspirin can reduce the risk of death if taken as directed by a doctor as soon as a heart attack is suspected. The FDA says that as little as one-half (162.5 mg) of a regular-strength aspirin tablet reduces the risk of death by up to 23 percent if administered when a heart attack is suspected and continued for 30 days thereafter. Aspirin taken during a suspected heart attack can also lessen the damaging effects of the heart attack". If you think that you might be allergic to Aspirin please check with your doctor.

Many people have Aspirin at their home, but heart attacks also happen while people are outside their homes, when they are not carrying an aspirin. We could encourage people to carry an aspirin with them at all time, but most do not since it is an inconvenience to place it in a container and keep moving it from pants to pants, shirt to shirt, purse to purse and so on. Many manufacturers made a pill capsule key chain, but we have not seen many people carrying them since the ones that are in the market or on the internet are either bulky, expensive or both. The key chain pill capsules on the Internet sell between $4 to $16. If manufactured in bulk using strong opaque plastic or aluminum, the pill capsules would not cost more than 5 to 10 cents each. Taking such a pill at the onset of a heart attack will increase the chances of survival, decrease the damage to the heart or the brain, and will probably prevent a person from becoming disabled, which ultimately saves billions of dollars. So not only that we would save lives, but also save billions of dollars.

      Ask your friends and relatives that are over forty years old, and see how many of them carry an aspirin. Not many… correct?  Our goal is to get each and every man and woman around the world that carry a key chain to add a very small pill capsule to his/her key chain. The only way to get them to add it, is to give it to them for free, and not to sell it to them. Therefore, if we achieve this goal, and using simple elementary mathematics, not only we would save tens of thousands of lives, but we would also save ourselves here in the United States at least the following amount

23% of $393.5 Billion = $90.5 BILLION DOLLARS

      Crimson Heart Foundation would order the manufacture and then distribute this key chain pill capsule to every person at risk in the United States and then the rest of the world. People do not need to die prematurely or become disabled especially if it costs pennies to help them.

      The key chain pill capsules that are in the market or on the Internet are either too bulky, too expensive or both. The capsule that we are considering would just be made of a sturdy clear or opaque plastic cylinder that would hold the needed one or two aspirins in case of a heart attack. This way the plastic capsule would be very light, inconspicuous and small enough that it would not be bothersome.


  • A prototype is already manufactured.
  • An educational video would be produced with the help of one or more of the celebrities that have already been contacted regarding this project. .
  • TV stations would donate airtime to air the video to educate the people and encourage them to add the capsule to their key chain once they receive it.
  • The power of the Internet is also going to be utilized to propagate the message to people all over the world. Each reader and each supporter is encouraged to forward the following link to everyone they care about, because this information could literally save their life. Http://www.CrimsonHeart.org. Please cut and paste this link to your e-mail.
  • Simultaneously, manufacturing would proceed using funds from the major contributors. Their company name would be printed on a certain number of capsules based on the amount of the contribution.
  • The Aspirin manufacturing companies would also be asked to manufacture a crimson colored Aspirin in the shape of a heart, with the logo of Crimson Heart Foundation on one side and the manufacturer's logo on the other side. This heart shaped Aspirin would be placed inside the pill capsule. One way of getting the message out to people would be to place the pill capsules in sealed plastic pouches and place them inside cereal boxes, especially the cereals that are healthy and heart conscious.
  • Crimson Heart Foundation would also distribute the capsules in coordination with each state and the federal government.
  • Now, if you care about your life, you would not wait until we get a pill capsule to you, you would find your own way to keep an Aspirin on you at all time. If you also care about the life of your friends and family, you would make sure that you forward this information to them. You could copy the following link and paste it in your e-mail to all the people that you care about.



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